Beat Dwellers is a collective of award winning and established producers and artists paving the way for a new generation to take over the hip hop world. The headquarters is based out of Holyoke, Massachusetts, where our acclaimed team can provide the music and career guidance necessary for MC’s and artists to cut through the competition and get noticed. Our goal is to help hip hop artists reach their fullest potential by offering radio ready instrumentals and music production services for a price that is within their budget. We also provide a curated blog that pools the most applicable tutorials, presentations, and interviews for achieving success in the music industry. Both MC’s and beatmakers will find plenty of inspiration and valuable information within those daily posts.

Our producers live in LA, Boston, New York, Miami, San Francisco and various regions of New England. We are easily accessible online, but are also just as happy to meet in person and offer face-to-face advice. We understand the amount of dedication and commitment it takes to break into the industry. We have been there ourselves. Whether you’re already established or just starting out, we can launch you further than you ever thought possible. Hit us up at info@beatdwellers.com and tell us about your goals and vision. We’ll help you get started today!